And More: Deals and Sales - "The Hitman Collection" (All Games Except Hitman: Contracts) On Sale Until January 24th

It's hard not to get excited enough to use cliches here, so I'll just say that all fans of the Hitman series of games should set their sights on a huge discount that is happening right now on Steam:

(This banner will take you to the Steam Store purchase page for this sale)

"The Hitman Collection" as Steam calls it, is targeting all Hitman games of the series (except for Hitman: Contracts, possibly due to licensing issues), setting them at a near-fatal 80% off their regular price. This pecuniary garroting means that Hitman: Absolution is going down for the killer price of only $4.99 (when the regular price as of the time of this post is $24.99), or you can snipe all four games for $8.99 - but all of this is in view only until January 24th - then the mission is over...

Okay, that's enough cliche for one post. I hope you catch them in time. Good luck, 47. Ooh, I had one cliche-bullet left.

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