And More: Deals and Sales - Easter Weekend 2014 Blowouts

This weekend there may be a lot of people huddling over their computers. Maybe you are trying to avoid people at a family "get together". Maybe you don't currently live near family and have noone to visit. Or maybe you just don't have much planned this 'long' weekend (if you are getting extra time off of work or school) or maybe you had purposely set time aside this weekend to catch up on gaming... Whatever your case may be, whether you celebrate Easter Weekend or not (or get extra 'time off', or not) you can still take advantage of some of the great deals being offered by some game retailers this Spring Weekend. Here are a list of some of the sales going on:

GameFly, formerly Direct2Drive, has up to 75% off of their SEGA games
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This long image is EA's total sales going on, with many games at half price like Battlefield 4, Sims 3, and more
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Classic EA Oldies are also on sale at Good Old Games, now called, like Theme Hospital and more
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Check out your favourite shop or closest game store, to see if there are any deals that you can jump on - and See You In The Games!

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