Diablo II - Getting The Scrollwheel To Work In The Game [FIX]

I was having a lot of fun playing in the 2014 Ladder Season in Diablo2, but ran across a problem where the scroll wheel of the mouse wasn't working in the game. For the skills/spells in D2, I prefer to assign the 'right side' (right mouse button) skills to Function Keys, and then use the scrollwheel to quickly change/choose the skill I want to use at the time. At first, this didn't work in the game at all (it was like it wasn't detecting my mouse's wheel), but I quickly figured out this easy 'fix' to get it working in the game. Here is a short tutorial for it, with screenshots for each step:

Simply right-click the Shortcut for DiabloII on the desktop/background and choose Properties. 
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Then, just place checkmarks in the Checkboxes for (1) "Run this program in compatibility mode" under the Compatibility Mode category, and (2) "Run this program as an administrator" under the Privilege Level area, and click OK (there is no need to adjust what compatibility mode to use (what Service Pack version, etc.)).
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Then, in the game, hit Escape and choose to go into the Options Menu.
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In the Options area, go into the Configure Controls section.
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You should now find you can scroll this list up and down, if the game has properly detected your mouse/wheel. Go down to the "Select Previous/Next Skill" functions and you can now assign 'Mouse Wheel Up' and 'Mouse Wheel Down' to whichever direction you prefer to select your skills (click on one of the Key/Button categories in line with Select Previous/Next Skill, and then use the mouse wheel, spinning it up or down).
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That's it! Now you can use your mouse's scrollwheel to quickly choose the skill you want your character to use. 

[Although I was utilizing Windows7 at the time here, 
I have recently tested it in Windows 8.1 and it worked there as well] 

I hope that gets it working for you - and See You In The Game!

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