"Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?", The Game Tips And More Blog's Game Screenshot Identification Contest, Begins Today! [2015-01 - Updated, End of Contest]

[Update: Since it has been 7 days without a correct submission yet, a Hint has been added! (See '»»' ) ]
[Update: Sorry, No Winner this month! The Answer for this month's Screenshot is below
and the Prize will be carried over to next month's contest!]

The Very First Installment of The Game Tips And More Blog's New Contest, "Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?" (A Game Screenshot Identification Contest), Begins Today - January 5th, 2015!

All you have to do to win, is contact me in any way you can (Comment on this article below, Twitter profile tweet, Email, etc) within the next ten days, with these three items within your message:
  1. Your guess for the game the image is from, as well as just one location it is used (area/map/level name or building name, etc)
  2. Any name/handle/alias you wish to be identified by (if different from your ID that you contacted me with) if you win
  3. Information on how to contact you back (to receive Steam game gifts, etc) if you win

That's it!

**[Just a quick note to be careful not to include any information you do not wish to share 'publicly' when posting in the Comments area below, Twitter profile Tweet, etc. as these messages are seen by 'everyone']

Correct answers submitted for 10 days after the Contest starting time (beginning at the time of this posting) will be chosen from randomly, where one skillful identifier will receive this month's contest prize: a gifted game from the Steam online store!

Winners will also be announced in bold, large lettered-text, here on this article and will thereby be immortalized on The Intertubes in perpetuity, proving to all other comers that they were The Ultimate Game Screenshot Sleuth!

Are you ready? Here is the Screenshot for this month, below:

[As you can see, the image is a portion of a full screen capture; but don't worry - the image used for the contests will never be too obscure or small (for example, it will never be 'the end of a wooden log' or anything like that)]

»»  Since it has been 7 days without a correct submission yet, here is a helpful Hint!

Take a look at this image below:

Hint: This is how the image looks in-game, unedited (other than 'cut out' from the surrounding environs)... The image was initially 'corrected' to display the "person" in the picture at the correct perspective (how a person would be depicted straight-on, as in a painting [for example]). I felt that leaving it at this original angle [of how it exists in the game exactly] would possibly give the answer away too easily perhaps [for some].

[Note: Please do not feel deceived by the above, dear reader, as that was not my intention. I merely meant to display it "how it would look in real life"; much like correcting the angle of a clock on a wall or a painting, straightening it - I did not mean to seem overly deceptive - I want everyone to win! I simply thought that showing it 'at the exact angle it appears in the game' may have given the answer away too quickly, in this case/game. If you feel 'duped' in this one instance, please accept my sincere apologies.]

It has been 10 days since the Contest began and there have been no correct submissions! Aww....

To end The Mystery, here is the answer for this month's edition of
'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' (2015-01):

The Answer for this month's contest would have been, "Diablo 3" for the game,
and a listed place of usage could have been "Cathedral Level 3".
Click to see Full Size

Come back next month friends, when you can have another chance to be a Digital Screenshot Sleuth in the second edition of 'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' - and a chance to win the Prize that will be carried over to next time: a gifted game from the Steam online store!

See You Next Month - and See You In The Games!

(The Game Tips And More Blog Contest Game #2015-01)

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