Battlefield 4: Double XP Boost Is Now ON [Notification]

Just a quick post to mention that I noticed Battlefield 4 currently has a Double XP Boost going on. Briefly, for those who aren't familiar with what that is (new players, etc); the 'Double XP Boost' means that whatever XP you gain in a round, it will be matched by that same amount, adding to your total XP gained, effectively doubling it!

Double XP Boost Example in the End Of Round Details (the boosted XP is the Folly-coloured second bar)
Click to see Full Size


I wasn't aware this had started at all, and so I wanted to make a quick post to notify anyone interested... It doesn't seem to be limited to only 'Wednesdays', as this Battlefield News posting suggests recent bonuses might be ( ), because I have seen it 'on' now for the last couple of days straight... It may possibly be related to the Tournament going on ( ) garnering some interest in BF4 for the moment; but whatever the reason, it's a great excuse to 'finish ranking up' towards that weapon you were working on Unlocking, or just jumping-in to grab some extra eXPerience and relax to the sight of people sliding along the ground or flying through the air from your bullets, bouncing around like some ballet of bulletry.

Whatever your reason to play, jump back in to Battlefield 4 for a moment - and See You In The Game!

Update 1: Just after I created this post, I now see a notification in Battlelog that there is a "2XP Frenzy Event" going on (All Platforms). Although the text in Battlelog forwards you to a Premium page, it appears to be useable even for Non-Premium Players. Thanks, EA!

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