Quick Tip: Multitasking with Bandicam (Recording One Program And Looking At Another)

A few days ago, I suggested on the Official Bandicam forum, the idea of being able to ALT+TAB while recording with Bandicam. For instance, if someone was recording a game, and wanted to ALT+TAB 'out' of it, to another application (for example, to look something up in a web browser).

Currently [as of the time of this post], this cannot be done as easily as described - it simply doesn't work that way - hitting ALT and TAB (or hitting the WindowsKey on the keyboard, which is CTRL+ESC) will result in Bandicam ceasing recording (but it can be started again, of course).

However, during initially attempting to multitask with it and doing some testing, I quickly found a way to get it working and wanted to share it with you all [those who don't already know about it] - and here it is:

When recording gameplay with Bandicam, if you switch to running the game in a Windowed Mode, such as Borderless (ie. not a Fullscreen-exclusive mode), you can then ALT+TAB 'away' to another application that is running and Bandicam will stay focused ('locked') on to the game (that is running in Windowed Mode) and continue recording without interruption. 

Until it gets implemented where this can be done with Bandicam and a game running in Fullscreen mode, try this for now and see if it works for you, too.

Have fun recording your gameplay and doing something else at the same time - and See You In The Games!

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