Battlefield: Hardline - The Sabotage Gadget (A Mechanic Class Gadget Tutorial) [Video Tutorial]

I am having a ton of fun playing Battlefield: Hardline, when I can - but while I work on a much longer 'First Impressions and Screenshots' article for the blog, I wanted to share a short tutorial for Newer Players - something that I'm seeing asked in the game chat a lot - how to use the Sabotage gadget (the basics, how to use it, what it does, etc..).

Here then, is my first Video Tutorial for Battlefield: Hardline [hopefully the first of many!] 

How To Use The Sabotage (A Mechanic Class Gadget Tutorial)

[Recording utilities used, System specs, music/backing track for the credits,
and more, are all in the End Titles]

Enjoy and See You In The Game!

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