Battlefield: Play4Free Coming To An End - Send It Off With A Bang! [Free Cheesy Title and Play4Free Funds Codes Here]

For those of you playing Battlefield: Play4Free, you were no doubt sad to see the above picture (both in the game Launcher and on the Forums), announcing the action-packed 'Free To Play' online game coming to an end, which it will on July 14th, 2015. EA has graciously posted a code in the Official Forums that can give your Soldiers 10,000 Funds to spend on whatever their little digital hearts desire. The code for the Funds is:


New Funds code (found June 25th), also from EA:


As a bonus, you can also punch this code in on Battlefield: Heroes (which is also getting it's life support turned off on that date), for another 10k Funds:


A quick note, that these codes are Per Account, not Per Soldier - but still, a nice gesture from EA, to help alleviate some of the pain from the loss of two gaming friends in the Battlefield series of games, Play4Free and Heroes - indeed, we must soon retire the flags for these two loyal shooters that gave so many hours of fun....

See You In The Game (For A While)

Although given to the public by an Official EA Representative here, this appears to be a limited-use code. I apologize to you all, I thought this would be a one-time-per-account but unlimited use, for everyone code, since it was from EA - but that appears to not be so. In any case, I hope that some of you got the Funds and were able to have some Purchases before this game truly ends.

Update 2015-06-25:
New Funds code, also from EA:


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