Battlefield: Play4Free - Send It Off With A Bang - Part 2 [Same Cheesy Title, Newer Play4Free Funds Code]

Just an update for those of you playing Battlefield: Play4Free, which is sadly coming to an end, which it will on July 14th, 2015; EA graciously posted a code in the Official Forums that initially gave Soldiers 10,000 Funds to spend on whatever their little digital hearts desired. That initial code has been used up - but a new one was released on the 17th (but it still works, I just tested it today (the day of this posting), so quickly use it if you haven't yet!

Newer Funds code, from EA:


A quick note again, that these codes are Per Account, not Per Soldier - but hopefully it will help alleviate some of the pain from this game ending....

See You In The Game (For A While)

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