Steam - Stuck On Updating Steam Information Message Thingy [It's Not Just You]

Just a quick Tip to let others know, if you've been trying to play a game on Steam 'just now' and have only been seeing this:

Updating Steam Information.... forever

It's Not Just You™ (slash-whew) 

It seems to be many, many people all over the world. It's not a 'regular maintenance time', so it feels odd, I know. But, as I recently saw in multiple forums talking about this occurrence - it shouldn't last too long. In fact, even though it started only a few minutes ago for me; it just ended now - my Steam is up and Ready!

So, like many things in life... just close your eyes, open your mouth, try to relax... and wait just a little bit longer (it took over 5 minutes for me, which felt crazy to wait for; but it has taken much longer than that for some people). If it hasn't happened for you yet, it may, the next time to start Steam. Don't Panic

Just letting you know [my personal experience with this that just occurred and may be the same for you..].

See You In The Game - Soon, Hopefully!

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