And More: Deals and Sales - Free from EA: Battlefield Hardline's Getaway Expansion and Nox [Notification]

Personally, I am fighting a rough cold/flu 'thingy' [to use the medical term]; but I wanted to make sure and post a quick Notification for those interested in these two games, to mention here that they both are currently being offered Totally Free from EA via their "On The House" promotion:

The first mention is an expansion for Battlefield: Hardline called Getaway, which features 4 New Maps, 4 New Vehicles, 9 New Weapons (3 of them exclusive to owners of this Expansion), a New Gadget, a New Melee Weapon, a New Game Mode ("Capture The Bag") and more - although I am sure I saw and used guns like the MP5SD (silenced) just playing vanilla [no expansions] up to this point.

[Me just messing around with some Lens Flare and other minor effects on a Battlefield: Hardline Getaway promo logo image YAH FX]

The Expansion/DLC itself was originally released in January of 2016 and although it may not help with there only being 3-5 servers in North America on PC with a high number of players on them (there are a lot more if you are part of the EU), it is still worth going and grabbing [in my opinion, especially if people end up coming back or playing more in the future].

The second mention is Nox, the Action RPG [think 'like Diablo'] by Westwood Studios (developers of the Dune, Eye of the Beholder and Command and Conquer game series'). Originally released in January of 2000, its' gameplay was very Diablo-esque but with a little humour mixed in as well. It had an isometric view [angled-top-down] and fast gameplay, dungeon crawling with quests and goldz to collect, looking a lot like another successful game series, Fallout (the early Fallout games).
It also had a multiplayer aspect, including an Online Ladder Ranking System just like Diablo2, but I have not personally played this portion recently, to see if it is still functioning or supported.

[Edit: Apparently EA dropped multiplayer and online ranking support for Nox, but such functions may still be available through platform applications like GameRanger. Perhaps I will test these in the future].

[Not too exciting, but an example Screenshot of early stage Nox gameplay, one where I foundz me a Tunic to wearz]
(Click to see Full Size)

I have also slowly been working on a few Quick Tips and some Game Recorder TestRuns that I have been collecting together for a Game Recorder Comparison that I want to post here at The Blog in the future; but for now, if you are interested at all in these two great offers, grab them while you can - and See You In the Games!

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