And More: Deals and Sales - Up To 75% Off Games at EA/Origin (Battlefield, Sims, Dragon Age Series' and More) [Notification]

I am currently working on finishing a post about Diablo II and I feel a little weird putting out two posts about sales from the same company/place back-to-back, but I wanted to quickly notify others about a great sale happening at EA/Origin right now:

I haven't been surfing around a lot lately so I'm not sure what's going on out there for them to 'tie' this sale 'into', but a great sale is happening at EA/Origin...

Want Battlefield 4? It's five dollars.

Maybe you want to try the newer Battlefield: Hardline? Standard Edition is now five dollars.

Perhaps you want to go back a bit and play Battlefield 3? It's five dollars.

Or maybe Battlefield: Bad Company 2? It's also five dollars.

How about Star Wars: Battlefront? It's twenty dollars.

Want to settle back and play some Sims 4? It's four dollars more at twenty-four dollars.

Never played the Crysis series? 1, 2 and 3 together, is one dollar more at twenty-five dollars.

What about the Mass Effect Trilogy (games 1-3)? It is a little less, at fifteen dollars.

Want to play the classic building game Simcity (2013 version)? It is only five dollars.

If you've never played Plants vs Zombies, it is less than two dollars, right now.

How about medieval adventuring in Dragon Age: Inquisition? It is ten dollars during this sale.

[I'm saying "dollars" so much, the word is looking weird and losing all meaning to me now] 

I feel like I'm in an alternate universe. This is a crazy sale. It's making me crazy. Did they hire Steam's Marketing Department? What the hell is going on?

Hmm... I think I'll call this the "What The Hell Is Going On Sale"...

Personal Reaction To This Sale:

Let's see... what to get...?

Picked up Dragon Age: Inquisition for ten bucks - woot!

Hmm.. I own almost all of the Battlefield Games... maybe Battlefield: Vietnam? I only played that a little when it was free to play for a weekend once, but I liked it... Star Wars: Battlefront? Hmm, I heard it doesn't have a Single Player storyline gameplay.. only online against other people? No thanks... 
I mean, I played the heck out of Unreal Tournament (1999) but I practiced/learned with bots first (which I don't think Battlefront-2015 has), and at the time I was playing at LAN parties with my workplace/co-workers sometimes, where we would all cart our computers to one guy's house and hook them all up and play UT all night (for good performance, since it was only Dial-up at the time)... Good times, but while I do play Planetside 2 and other online-only Multiplayer First-Person Shooters, now I enjoy Single Player games a lot more... nah, skip it for now - sorry EA I want a Single Player portion (like Battlefield 3 and 4 and the much-aligned-but-I-liked-it Battlefield: Hardline)...

[Edit: After looking around a bit, I see that this past weekend was E3-2016 - ahh that's one reason for this sale, possibly]

[Personal Note: I am not affiliated with EA or Origin or any related companies of theirs, nor do I get any credit or monetary returns on linking or telling people about these (things like "referrals", look in the links, there are none); I am merely a gamer who likes gaming and (when I can) sharing gaming info with other gamers about gaming and gamer gaming games gamegamergamelolimtired]

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