It's Not Just You™ - GTAV Launcher Crashing Right After Starting? Here's What Worked For Me... [Notification]

Just a quick notification about GTAV (Grand Theft Auto Five) and how it seems to be crashing after the Launcher downloads an Update of some sort (and after looking it up a bit online, it looks like it's not just me). I'll quickly share some Tips I found from others and which one worked for me in the end - if your GTAV Launcher is crashing every time you try to play the game - don't worry, It's Not Just You™...

The thing that was happening.... oh I don't know maybe

Things I tried:

  1. Rebooting
  2. Copying d3d9.dll (eventually trying all of the d3d Libraries, copied to the game folder)
  3. Updating GPU Drivers and Windows Updates (all was Latest already)
  4. Updating RTSS (Rivatuner Statistics Server to Version 7.0.0 (Beta), part of MSI Afterburner)
  5. Download latest Social Club installer and (Re)Install (to the same Location I had it already)

I had to go all the way to Number 5 to Stay Alive... [wow that's like a chance to do a triple-layer reference]

What the heck, I couldn't find a video that just has Number 5 saying, "Number Five IS ALIVE"

(meh, sometimes I try to be entertaining, with 'references' and "jokes")
(No, it usually doesn't work out, like this)

Anyway, I saw a couple of helpful Tips out there, by various people at the Official Rockstar (GTAV) Forum - so I tried those as well (they are Numbers 3 and 4 in the list above). I even tried steps from the "official troubleshooting list" from Rockstar themselves via a Link at their Website (things like Disabling Anti-Virus (since it was an Update and was accessing System Files, this could actually help, if that's all it needed to work)) [isn't it funny that those 'first official steps to try' that companies put out or say in Forums, trying to be helpful, never work for anyone? lol Isn't that the way**...].

So, what eventually worked for me was the last step above [of course] - I went to the website below and downloaded the latest Social Club client (which is associated with, and updates, the Launcher as well, so it makes sense it might help) and Installed it:

(A download Link directly to the Social Club Client from Rockstar, this Link above will immediately try Downloading the file. As I always say, feel free to Scan the file with your Anti-Virus before running it or use an Online Scanner, such as , if you desire)

Remember, if you try this step of re-installing the Social Club; when it asks for a location to put GTAV, choose the exact same location that your GTAV is installed to already (if you have it installed on your computer previously) - that way, it won't re-Download the entire game! [Thanks Rockstar, for putting in that 'files present checking' capability!] It will also do some other things, like refresh/reinstall DirectX and the Visual C++ Libraries on the system [which I personally think might be solving the issue, just like how 'copying the directx9 library to the game folder' works for so many people].

If you're nice to her, she will install the game for you
(lol not enough room LIKE ALWAYS)

Try out all of the steps above, as some people got things working just from Number 2, even though it took me all the way to Step 5 to get it solved - give the steps a shot - maybe they will work for you, too. Good Luck and if you having this issue with the Launcher, I hope you can get back to playing GTAV soon... Even though I'm playing a lot of Fallout 4 at the moment, if I happen to pop in to GTAonline sometime - See You In The Game!

[**Note: As a Certified Computer Service Technician, with past experience doing Technical Support as well (for multiple companies, such as AT&T and others), I must state that these 'first steps that companies say to try', like "Turning It Off And On Again"( lol ITcrowd) IS actually helpful (or at least, is meant to be). These steps, usually including things like "Restarting" and "Updating Drivers" and so on, DO actually solve a lot of problems that can occur. Although many jokes are written at their expense, these 'first steps' are actually intended to solve a potential majority of issues at hand, before more qualified staff need to be assigned to problems to Troubleshoot further. My point? Don't be scared to try these 'first suggestions' that many people parrot at you, even though they seem silly. Heh.]

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