Battlefield 5 - Re-Cut and Audio Remastered Reveal Trailer, synced to "The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash

Looking forward to BF5, I saw the ‘Reveal Trailer’ that was released and noticed no music in it. So - inspired by “The Dawn Of The Dead”’s Title Sequence (‘opening credits’), I thought Mr. Cash’s song would go great with this gameplay trailer as a Backing Track...

Because the original Reveal Trailer wasn’t a Montage but a Sequence Shot (‘one-shot long take’) [nicely done btw, imo] – I had to re-cut it and re-master the audio levels to blend with the added music track (and Effects I added). I also had to cut/edit down Mr. Cash’s classic song a bit, because there wasn’t enough footage to cover the entire length (for one section, I added a bit of some Early Alpha Screenshots and Concept Art released by EA). I also added a few extras to the audio, such as Environmental Audio Enhancements to some Explosions, and Tinnitus (‘ear ringing after an explosion’) at the close-up section.

In the end, I think both matched up not too bad; the emotion of the song and the chaos of the gameplay… so I thought I would share it here for you all – I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to what Battlefield 5 might be – See You In The Game! 



Source Video by EA/DICE, here:
Source Music by Johnny Cash, one version here:

Edited and Remastered by Tesityr (Troy from The Game Tips And More Blog), in a combination of: 
CyberLink’s PowerDirector 
Sony’s Vegas Pro Edit (now by MAGIX) 
Corel’s PaintShop Pro 

Original Gameplay Material Copyright EA/Activision 
No Copyright Infringement Intended (Fan Creation Advertisement)

[Note1: If it looks kind of low-quality, it was a couple things: one, I used the very first Trailer footage that came out, which was 30fps and lower quality (now they have 60fps HQ Trailer available). Two, I accidentally re-compressed it twice while processing/editing. It was too much to start over, so here it is, sorry, heh.]

[Note2: I did not add advertisements to the video, but I got a warning that they will be added due to use of the song...]

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