"Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?", The Game Tips And More Blog's Game Screenshot Identification Contest, Pops Up Again Today! [Updated 2018-05-31 with Answer Image]

Well, it's the middle of the month - and that means it's time once again for something I got back into doing earlier this year - The Game Tips And More Blog's 'New-ish-sorta-but-only-kinda' Contest:

"Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?"
(A Game Screenshot Identification Contest)

Having its' Eighth Edition - 'the easiest one so far' - today, May 15th, 2018!

All you have to do to win this contest, is contact me in any way you can (eg. Comment on this article
below, Twitter profile tweet, email me or Comment/PrivateMessage TheBlog's Steam Account by the end of the month, with these two items within your message:

1. Your guess for the game the image is from.

2. Information on how to contact you back (to receive Steam game gifts, etc) if you win.

That's it!

[Just a quick note to be careful not to include any information you do not wish to share 'publicly' when posting in the Comments area below or at Steam or sending a Twitter profile Tweet, as these messages are seen by 'everyone']

The first correct answer submitted by a Skillful Identifier/Gamer will receive this month's contest prize - which is: a gifted game from a selection at the Steam online store!

[Note: Although I have been collecting Games in my Gift Inventory on Steam over the past few Years, during Steam Sales,
due to how Steam has changed Gifting games through Steam recently; you will have to temporarily become a Friend
of TheBlog's Steam Account to receive the game - after receiving your Gifted Game, you may Unfriend of course]

Winners will also be announced in bold, large lettered-text, here on this very posting and will thereby be immortalized on The Intertubes in perpetuity, proving to all other comers that you were "The Ultimate Game Screenshot Guesser Thingy Person" [aka. Gamer]!


Are you ready? Here then, is the 'Mystery' Screenshot image for this month, below:

[As you can see, the image is a portion of a full screen capture - and while it isn't super easy, as it is just a small part of the screen - the image used for the contest will never be super hard, by being 'too' obscure or small (for example, it will never be 'just the end of a wooden log' or anything like that). The Image utilized is also always presented here 'Unedited' (other than being Cropped to the smaller size and Logos added), if that helps at all. This 'Mystery' image is shown at Full Size]

Since there hasn't been a winner for some time - actually at all yet(!) - I'm choosing something 'even easier' (that is, a game that is even more popular than in recent contests..). Don't worry, it will still hopefully be mysterious [to stay fun heh]; and after a week has gone by, if there is no correct guess as to what game the Screenshot is from, I will still return here and put up a 'Hint' image - that is, a larger portion of the Screenshot - to assist in Game Recognition-ing-ness...

Good Luck, Gamers!



A week has gone by and there have been no correct guesses received yet... So, here is a HINT image; (an enlarged area portion of the CONTEST image for this month's Contest)! Ready?

Here is the HINT image (with enlarged portion revealed), below:

[Click the Image to see it at a slightly-larger Full Size - and as you can see, the image is still a portion of the full screen capture; but don't worry - the image used for the contest will never be 'too' obscure or small. Also, the Screenshot utilized is always presented as 'Unedited' (other than being Cropped to the smaller size and Logos added), if that helps at all. Click to see Full Size]

Can you guess what game it is from yet? Pop into some games and look around and see if anything 'rings a bell'... At the end of the Month, if noone has guessed correctly by then, I will return here and reveal the full Mystery Screenshot and the Game it was from - Good Luck, Gamers!



It is the end of the Month and there have been no correct submissions! Aww....

To end The Mystery, here is the answer for this 8th Edition of
'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' (2018-05):

The Answer for this month's Contest was: Team Fortress 2! (TF2)
[This Screenshot was re-captured just this month in 2018, due to the original that looked like this being lost. The level is Mann Manor, with the Halloween Update aspects shown, such as Explosive Pumpkins and Candy Health Pickups. During 'the mystery' of CYGWTSBIF, I tried to omit the more-obvious "Point A" indicator and other emblems/decals that would have given the game away a little 'too fast', heh. Better Luck Next Time! IIRC, this image was captured at 'Max Settings' (the maximum possible settings out of all the options of TF2). Click image to see Full Size]

Come back next 15th-of-the-month friends, when there will be a few small changes to the contest... For example, you will  have not just ONE, not just TWO, but THREE (3!) chances to be a Digital Screenshot Sleuth in a special "IXth" Edition of 'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' - where I will display/share THREE Screenshots - offering then THREE chances to Guess The Game and Win The Prize that is carried over to next time: a gifted game from a selection of the Steam Online Store!

See You In The Games!

[**Note (this is the same message for all Contest footnotes): I am not affiliated in any way or degree with Steam/Valve, NVIDIA or AMD, and I have not and will not receive any compensation of any kind, for mentioning them here. I am merely an enthusiastic user of these companies' products/services. As for Hardware, I have utilized both AMD/NVIDIA's GPU products and will continue to use both in the future ((on a personal note, I find I usually am 'stairstepping' with their GPUs, purchasing from one manufacturer, then the next 'upgrade' purchasing from the other. I always Suggest to people who Ask; to get whichever has Features you like - and only what you can afford at the time (but check Reviews and Benchmarks as much as you can and get the 'fastest' you can afford at the time) - it will be outdated in 3 years or so anyway - so; Enjoy what you have and be Thankful because there are always people who have less!))]

(The Game Tips And More Blog Contest Game #2018-05)

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