"Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?", The Game Tips And More Blog's Game Screenshot Identification Contest, Trippple! Edition [Updated 2018-06-30 with Answer Images]

Well, it's about the middle of the month - and that means it's time once again for something I got into again this year - The Game Tips And More Blog's 'New-ish-sorta-but-only-kinda' Contest:

"Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From?"
(A Game Screenshot Identification Contest)

Having its' IXth - and 'Super Special Trippple! Screenshot Edition' - today, June 15th, 2018!

All you have to do to win this identification contest, is to contact me in any way you can (eg. Comment on this article below, Twitter profile tweet, Email or make a Comment, here or at The Blog's Facebook Page, or Private Message TheBlog's Steam Account by the end of the month, with these two items within your message:

1. Your guess(es) for the game(s) the image(s) are from.

2. Information on how to contact you back (to receive Steam game gifts, etc) if you win.

That's it!

[Just a quick note to be careful not to include any information you do not wish to share 'publicly' when posting in the Comments area below or at Steam or sending a Twitter profile Tweet, as these messages are seen by 'everyone']

The first correct answer(s) submitted by a Skillful Identifier/Gamer will receive this month's contest prize - which is: a gifted game from a selection at the Steam online store! And, in this Super Special Trippple! Edition, there are Three Chances for Three different Winners! One of them could be you!

One Correct Guess = One Gifted Game Win.

Winners are only allowed one 'win' this month, to allow for the possibility of Three different Winners.

[Note: Although I have been collecting Games in my Gift Inventory on Steam over the past few Years, during Steam Sales,
due to how Steam has changed Gifting games through Steam recently; you will have to temporarily become a Friend
of TheBlog's Steam Account to receive the game - after receiving your Gifted Game, you may Unfriend of course]

Winners will also be announced in bold, large lettered-text, here on this very posting and will thereby be immortalized on The Intertubes in perpetuity, proving to all other comers that you were "The Ultimate Game Screenshot Guesser Thingy Person" [aka. Gamer]!


This time around however, due to there being no winners for the past while: I will give out not only One but THREE Screenshots to guess! It's a TRIPPPLE! Super Special Screenshot Edition!
Even if you can guess only One of the games - you will win!

Are you ready? Here then, is not only One, but THREE 'Mystery' Screenshot images for this month, just below:



[As you can see, the images are portions of the original full screen captures - and while it isn't 'super easy', as it is just a small part of the screen - the image used for the contests will never be super hard, by being 'too' obscure or small (for example, it will never be 'just the end of a wooden log' or anything like that). The Images utilized are also always presented 'Unedited' (other than being Cropped to the smaller size and Logos added), if that helps. Click to see Full Size]

As usual for this Contest, after a week has gone by, if there is no correct guesses as to what games the Screenshots are from, I will still return here and put up 'Hint' images - that is, larger portions of the Screenshots - to assist in Game Recognition-ing-ness-ism... Remember, you only have to guess ONE of the THREE Screenshots above - it's a Super Special Trippple! Edition! [lol]

Good Luck, Gamers!



A week has gone by and there have been no correct guesses yet... So, here are the HINT images (enlarged area portions of the CONTEST images for this month's Contest)!


Here are the HINT images (with enlarged portion revealed), below:


[As you can see, the image is still a portion of the full screen capture; but don't worry - the image used for the contest will never be 'too' obscure or small. Also, the Screenshot utilized is always presented as 'Unedited' (other than being Cropped to the smaller size and Logos added), if that helps at all. Click to see Full Size]

[Bonus Hint: Image 3 is not the game "World Of Warcraft"]

Can you guess what games the Screenshots are from yet? Pop into some games and look around and see if anything 'rings a bell' (that is not a hidden 'hint' heh)... At the end of the Month, if noone has guessed correctly by then, I will return here and reveal the full Mystery Screenshots and the Games they were from - Good Luck, Gamers!



It is the end of the Month and there have been no correct submissions! Aww....

To end The Mystery, here are the answers for all three Trippple! screenshots
in this special IXth Edition of
'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' (2018-06):


The Answers for this month's Contest were: Hitman Absolution, Fallout 4 and Paladins!
[These Screenshots, other than the Fallout 4 image, were captured within the past year or so. For those playing Paladins, it is now out of Beta. The level/map in the Paladins screenshot is "Timber Mill". The Hitman Absolution screenshot was taken in the first/tutorial level "A Personal Contract". Click images to see Full Size]

Come back next 15th-of-the-month friends, when there will be another chance to be a Digital Screenshot Sleuth in the "Xth" Edition of 'Can You Guess Where The Screenshot Below Is From' - where I will display/share two Screenshots - offering two different chances to Guess The Game and Win The Prize that is carried over to next time: a gifted game from a selection of the Steam Online Store!

See You In The Games!

[Note:After finalizing this Posting, I have been notified by my lawyer that there is a mobile application concerning dating that has the name/title "Trippple". For legal purposes, this Contest is sub-titled "Trippple!" (with exclamation mark) and is a separate legal entity than the aforementioned mobile application. It is also a "temporary construct", "for entertainment purposes", in light of the three (3) available screenshot/images available for this local contest. This blog, its authors, blogspot and any connected businesses or persons thereof, are not affiliated with the "Trippple" (no exclamation mark) company or application. The above is a Contest for entertainment purposes only, the identification of images shown, acting as the Skill Test for Official Contest Purposes and Laws. For further Legal Inquiries regarding this matter, contact "Editor-In-Chief" at gametipsandmore@gmail.com]

(The Game Tips And More Blog Contest Game #2018-06)

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