Deals And Sales - Hitman Series Publisher 20th Anniversary and Humble Fallout Franchise Sale [Notification]

Just a quick Notification that there is a fantastic Sale going on this weekend that you don't want to miss before it's over, concerning two of my personal favourite Franchises: Hitman and Fallout.

For Hitman, it is the Publisher's 20th Anniversary (Happy Anniversary, IOI!) and they are celebrating with us all, offering a whopping 75% OFF at Steam.

This includes all past Hitman games and even the newer Hitman 2016 - for example, you can get the "Hitman Collection" (shown above) for less than $10 USD, which includes all of these past Hitman titles:

  • Hitman: Codename 47
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  • Hitman 3: Contracts
  • Hitman: Blood Money
  • Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition

Even the newer Hitman 2016 - Game Of The Year Edition(!) is on for less than $20 USD!

For Fallout, Steam is calling it a Weekend Deal; but at HumbleBundle, it is called a "Bombs Dropping Sale" [hopefully not 'really' in real life - we need more time to play these great games! lol]. Want to play the Original "Fallout 1" or finally own "Fallout New Vegas"? They are less than 5 bucks each, right now!

Example of Sale Prices at HumbleBundle for the Fallout franchise

So, if you have been waiting patiently for Hitman 2016 or Fallout 4 to go on Sale, this is it! Now is the time! GOGOGO!

Question: Will I like Hitman 2016, if I liked previous Hitman games (other than Absolution)..?

If I may sum up the Hitman series so far (even though some of you might already know parts of this), the Hitman series was never really a 'play through a long storyline linearly through, a level at a time' game, like other games. That is why so many people liked Hitman. You had to figure out what to do by observing, exploring, finding things out on your own. That is also why some people didn't like Hitman - it was too difficult for many, not knowing where to go or what to do, at first. Overall though, Hitman games didn't have a linear level direction and one-directional-storyline to play through, one map at a time, like most games.

Hitman always was more of a 'play in a sandbox with some story plots around, non-linearly through an area at a time, figuring out all of the ways you can get a mission done, finding out which is the best for your playstyle (or what is required for a mission)'. Absolution wasn't like this as much as previous games; Absolution was more linear, like a traditional game, with one long Storyline and the areas had more of a linear playthrough style (only 'one large way to go' overall, in the levels).

Hitman2016 has both elements, it does actually have a bit of an over-arcing Storyline; but each area is its' own 'sandbox of puzzles and death' to play in. There are so many ways to get through a level - and the guidance/radar isn't as 'hand-holding' as it was in Absolution (one aspect many didn't like in Absolution). There are tons of Challenges ('special ways to do things') and lots of Unlocks (weapons, disguises, locations) per area.

My favourite part of Hitman2016 is the dynamic music - it changes on-the-fly to suit what you are doing - from sneaking, to exploring, to combat; it changes its' dynamic/pace/theme based on what you are doing, or even going to do... If you ever wanted to be in a 'Bond/spy' type of movie, sneaking around and interacting with people to music that changes as you do it all - this is it.

[I think that HITMAN2016 is one of THE most Polished versions yet... While it has only a few 'levels', they are huge and have literally dozens of play-throughs for each and every one (missions, escalations, contracts by players, etc). The graphics are great, the twists and turns of the [smallish] plot(s) are interesting, there is a good handful of weapons/toys to choose from; everything is great in HITMAN, imo!]

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