Video Game Recording Programs and Potential Issues Seen (Version 20200209)

Sorry I'm not feeling great at the moment, but I wanted to just quickly share something I've been working on for a while - and I figured instead of waiting to 'perfect' it, I'll share it 'as is' and just Update it as I go, sharing the Updates as they come - since that will still be helpful to fellow gamers, now and as it is updated over time... and so

Game Recording Programs and Issues Seen

This is an image I actually started a while ago, showing some Game Recording Programs and the Games and Applications that they might have issues with - these are some games and programs that I found were either incompatible or had an issue of some sort, in my personal experience(s). This image was originally created as a PowerPoint Slide, but exported to a PNG formatted image for sharing:

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The three game recording programs shown for now, are MSI's Afterburner (which is similar to EVGA's Precision and ASUS's GPUtweak) and Playclaw and Mirillis' ACTION. Next to each one, is a list of issues and occurrences that I have found when trying to record with them (eg. the videogames or applications that it did not work with, or had problems recording). 

I actually use a few game recording programs [and purchased a few more, using Donations from The Blog, for Game Recording Comparisons I've always wanted to do for The Blog here]. I am constantly switching between them, finding that some work better with certain games/types, etc. 
Note that I have nothing against any of the programs listed, and will likely use them all again, at different times, in the future. Some of the game recording programs I deal with will be Free, such as MSI Afterburner, above.

This will be "Version 20200209" of this listing, and I will Update this as I add to it, increasing the Version number as I go. Perhaps others will find this helpful, to see if any issues they are running into with various game recorders are 'just them' or if it is something that others (like me) have found happens. It might be comforting to someone, to let them know that 'it's only this one game that has problems' (so they don't have to feel as bad about a game recording program purchase) or 'if I can't record that with this program, I can try this one', and so on...

Hope That Helps!
 ~Tesityr of The Game Tips And More Blog

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